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Garden Master – AI Assistant

Your Personal ASSISTANT to a Thriving Garden.

Garden Master is the ultimate gardening companion that empowers gardening enthusiasts at all levels to cultivate lush, thriving gardens with confidence. Through expert plant identification, intuitive garden planning, and a sustainability-focused approach, Garden Master elevates the gardening experience, making it accessible, enjoyable, and eco-conscious for all.

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Garden Master, an AI companion for your gardening.

Made by expert gardeners wanting to offer a personalized guide to a your garden and plants. Garden Master empowers everyone with AI-powered plant identification, care, garden design, and expert advice, making gardening easier, more enjoyable, and sustainable.

We made it so you can generate images of gardens in many design configurations, plus you can also upload plant lists to Garden Master so it can give you recommendations and insights.

Type in these prompt ideas to get going

Gardening Coach

  • What are the names of the plants in this picture?
  • How to prepare loamy clay soil for planting?
  • What are the possible garden styles for my region?
  • Create an image of a native meadow garden with a path.
  • Build a table of 20 zone 7a perennial plants.
  • What flowering plants grow in Austin, Texas?
  • How do I plan a garden layout?
  • Please plan a garden based on the area in the picture.
  • Give me a table of plants and quantities for a 200 feet squared native meadow garden.
  • What is wrong with the plant in the picture?
  • Build a care calendar for my garden.
  • What are the basic tools I will need to care for a garden?

We take the greatest care to have a high level product for garden lovers and practitioners anywhere

  • Process Oriented to the gardening practice
  • Organize Multiple Projects as separate conversations
  • Weather Forecast for Gardens
  • Our Document Generation of tables offer spreadsheet link
  • Calendar invites links allow you to generate reminders
  • Normalized country climate data

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